About Us

In partnership with the Florida Park Service, Florida4You created the Florida State Parks online store with a strategic plan to increase awareness and appreciation for the 175 diverse Florida State Parks and trails and to simultaneously offer innovative, eco-sensitive, lifestyle products that can enhance any experience with nature. Our products were designed and developed based upon environmental considerations, educational value, performance-based consumer benefits and well recognized brands for outdoor activities. The apparel line offers moisture management, anti-microbial treatments, comfort styling and fit with easy care laundering.

With over 27 million visitors to the Florida State Parks in 2013, the merchandise offered needs to appeal to a wide range of state park visitors. demographics and psychographics. To set the merchandise apart from traditional internet retail environments, limited edition designs are being offered on performance apparel, tote bags, drink wear, beach towels and gift giving concepts.

Educational backpack kits for children come packed with activity books, crayons, plush friends and BPA tested water bottles. Unique backpacks for dogs offer everything to keep your pet hydrated, healthy and active while travelling with “organic treats” for recognizing their good behavior.

Exciting new product introductions and value-based promotions will be introduced each month. Merchandise will relate to specific holidays, state park events, gift giving and will enhance any outdoor experiences.

 Florida4You and Florida State Parks are committed to providing Access for All. For additional information, please visit the following websites: 



 For more information, contact: (954)530-6639 or email: service@flparks.org